Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lovely Gifts for Mindful Cooks

Christmas exploded in my house last week!  I dedicated last week to making presents and decorating.  I like to reuse, make, or purchase vintage decorations because it’s more earth friendly and well, cute!  Now that all that is out of the way I’m back to the blog and sharing all kinds of Christmas eats!

 Instead of getting caught up in the crazy consumerism of the season I try to find or make a few quality, not disposable, gifts for loved ones. “Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” 
 I’ve made a list of lovely, handmade, and earth friendly gifts for the kitchen of all the mindful cooks out there. 
 A Pretty Apron:
This Rustic Pinstripe Apron is beautiful and functional.  It’s large enough to stick utensils in the pockets, wipe off your hands, and protect your clothes.  It’s handmade by MeyerTextileCo and you can find it here at the shop on Etsy. 
Vintage Coffee Spoons:
These coffee or tea spoons are too cute for words.  They are upcycled from vintage spoons.  These spoons would make me smile every morning with my Hot Steamy Pick-Me-Up (if you’re reading this honey hint-hint.)  The spoons are handmade by jessicaNdesign and you can find them here at her shop on Etsy along with other handstamped goodies
Tea Towels:
What cook can’t use a good tea towel, we don’t use paper towels in our kitchen so towels are a must and with a towel this cute you can’t go wrong!  These towels are handmade,100% cotton.  She also sells lovely cards, calendars, posters and fabulous market totes. They are handmade by claudiagpearson.  You can find them all here at her shop on Etsy. 
Cast Iron Cookware:  
You can’t go wrong with a cast iron cookware, Lodge makes great and affordable cast iron cookware.  These pots can go from the stove to the oven with no problem. Properly cared for they will last forever!  And cooking with them is good for the earth and good for your health with none of the nasty chemicals or carcinogens found in Teflon coated pans.  You can find this Lodge dutch oven here.
Glass Containers:
Glass containers are great for storing anything from produce to leftovers to lunch!  Plastic containers contain all kinds of nasty chemicals that can leach into your food.  Using plastic can also contribute to the Garbage Patch and harm animals.  You can use these glass containers in the freezer and with hot or acidic foods without having to worry about chemicals leaching into your food yucko! You can find this glass container and more here at Life Without Plastic. 
What is your favorite item on this list?  Have you made or bought any earth friendly gifts this season? If yes, I'd love to know what!
** I was not paid, perked, or otherwise compensated for this post I just love beautiful, handmade, and quality items.   
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