Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Here I Come!

I’ve done a lot of soul searching these last couple months.   I had always been so sure of who I was and what a wanted out of life.  But life has other plans, throws you curve balls and you are left trying to find yourself again.  Then there is a time when you have to stop thinking and start doing!! Because nothing is EVER going to happen, good or bad, just sitting there thinking!  I decided 2013 was the perfect year to stop thinking and start doing. Here are my seven simple goals for 2013.    
1.      Get Happy!
It is so simple if I let it be, just Get Happy.  Do what makes me and Mr. Darling happy and let all the negativity go, just LET IT GO.
2.      Love More
Spend quality time with all my wonderful friends, family, and husband.  And set aside a date night every week with Mr. Darling.   
3.      Don’t Think, Just Do.
It’s in my nature to worry and over think everything.  This year I want to follow my heart. 
4.      Live Simply
This year Mr. Darling and I will strive to live even more eco-friendly. 
5.      Save Money
Spend Less. Make a Budget and stick to it. 
6.      Go to bed early, Get up early
Get into a sleeping routine and stay with it.  Even on the weekends (I’ll try.) 
7.      Blog More
Share more recipes, more about living eco-friendly, more animal advocacy, and more life.  For family, friends, and whoever else wants to read. 

 What are your goals for 2013?